During the last decade, the "Synchrone" team of Verimag worked on Lutin, a stochastic extension of the synchronous language Lustre. The motivation of synchronous stochastic languages is to simulate the (physical) environment of a reactive system, in order to automate their testing. Reactive systems and programs are particular, in that they usually function in a closed loop with their environment. Simulating the environment is compulsory to be able to test reactive programs with realistic inputs. The industrial partners of the recent Minalogic Comon project have experimented with the tools developed at Verimag. A major result of the project is that our tools and methodology are useful, not only for automated testing, but also for requirement engineering.

The interest among the industrial partners generated by those tools contributed to the creation of the Argosim start-up company in 2013, which aims at industrializing the concepts (random-based simulations of environments, automated testing, and requirements engineering) and the associated technology (stochastic data-flow synchronous language, constraint solving based on BDDs and polyhedra).

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