Jean-Louis Roch

From March 2016, I moved to VERIMAG.

Within team PACSS at laboratory VERIMAG from March 2016, my research focus on provably secure distributed, parallel and interactive computations. Especially, I participate to Research and Development project with Industry in the context of both clouds (data and computations outsourcing, eg SHIVA or Incas-ITSec) and critical infrastructures (eg ARAMIS). I am also involved in the SCCyPhy: Security and Cryptology for CyberPhysical systems of LabEx Persyval-LAB.

Previously, within laboratory LIG [2006-2016] (and previously laboratories ID-IMAG [1999-2006], LMC-IMAG [1991-1999] and TIM3 [1986-1990]), my research has largely been in the interaction of parallel algorithms and their programming on parallel and/or distributed architectures, from embedded or multicore systems to grid and cloud computing infrastructures. In the framework of the Inria LIG MOAIS team-project (2005-2015), I studied adaptive parallel algorithms and their scheduling in the context of interactive applications, on multi-processor system on chips (MPSoCs) and also on security and fault-tolerance on large scale platforms.

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    I give lectures in the following fields: algorithms and complexity (data structures; randomized, approximation and parallel algorithms); coding theory and algebraic processing (cryptography, error correcting codes, computer algebra). In 2002, with Frank Leprévost, I co-funded the Master-2 program "Security, Cryptology and Coding of Information Systems" that I co-directed till august 2016, with Franck then Roland Gillard and finally Philipppe Elbaz-Vincent.
    Since 2016 I am co-director of the new Master 2 program Cybersecurity with Jean-Guillaume Dumas and Vanessa Vitse.
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