Principales publications
(Main papers)

Time-Robust discrete control over networked Loosely Time-Triggered Architectures
 P. Caspi and A. Benveniste
Proc. of 2008 IEEE Control and Decision Conference. Cancun, Dec. 9-11, 2008

Implementing Synchronous Models on Loosely Time Triggered Architectures

S. Tripakis, C. Pinello, A. Benveniste, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, P. Caspi, M. Di Natale
IEEE transactions on Computers, 57(10), October 2008

Semantics-preserving multitask implementation of synchronous programs
P.Caspi, N. Scaife, Ch. Sofronis, S. Tripakis
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 7(2), February 2008

Approximation, Sampling and Voting in Hybrid Computing Systems
Ch. Kossentini and P. Caspi
Hybrid Systems Computation and Control, HSCC06, Santa Barbara, 2006
Volume 3927 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Guidelines for a graduate curriculum on embedded software and systems
P. Caspi, A. San Giovanni-Vincentelli et al.
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 4(3), August 2005

Translating Discrete-Time Simulink to Lustre.

P. Caspi, A. Curic, A. Maignan, C. Sofronis and S. Tripakis.
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 4(4), 2005

From control loops to real-time programs
P. Caspi and O. Maler
in Handbook of Networked and Embedded Control Systems, Birkhäuser, 2005

Integrating model-based design and preemptive scheduling in mixed time- and event-triggered systems,
N. Scaife and P. Caspi,
Euromicro Conference Real-Time Systems, ECRTS04, Catania, June 2004

Automatique continue, automatique discrète, informatique industrielle :le triangle des Bermudes ?
P. Caspi,
Colloque sur la modélisation des systèmes réactifs (MSR03), conférence invitée, Metz 2003

La place de l'informatique dans l'enseignement des logiciels et systèmes embarqués
F. Maraninchi et P. Caspi,
Bulletin de Specif, juillet 2003

Toward an Approximation Theory for Computerised Control,
Paul Caspi and Albert Benveniste,
2nd International Workshop on Embedded Software, EMSOFT2002, Grenoble, October 2002,
Volume 2491 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 

Embedded Control: From Asynchrony to Synchrony and Back,
Paul Caspi,
1st International Workshop on Embedded Software, EMSOFT2001, Lake Tahoe, October 2001,
Volume 2211 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 

A PVS Proof Obligation Generator for Lustre Programs ,
Cécile Dumas Canovas and Paul Caspi,
2nd International Conference on Logic for Programming and Reasonning, LPAR2000, La Réunion, November 2000,
Volume 1955 in Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 

The Quasi-Synchronous Approach to Distributed Control System Design,
Crisys "Cooking Book" Crisys preliminary draft, October 2000.

Threshold and Bounded-Delay Voting in Critical Control Systems ,
Paul Caspi and Rym Salem,
Formal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault-Tolerant Systems Mathai Joseph (Ed.),
Vol. 1926 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, September 2000.

A methodology for proving control systems with Lustre and PVS,
Saddek Bensalem, Paul Caspi, Catherine Parent Vigouroux and Cécile Dumas Canovas
Seventh Working Conference on Dependable Computing for Critical Applications (DCCA7) San Jose, January 1999

A Co-iterative Characterization of Synchronous Stream Functions,
Paul Caspi and Marc Pouzet,
volume 11 of Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier 1998

Synchronous Kahn networks,
P. Caspi and M. Pouzet,
ACM Sigplan International Conference on Functional Programming,
Philadelphia, May 1996.

Data-flow synchronous languages
A.Benveniste, P.Caspi, N.Halbwachs and P.LeGuernic,
A decade of concurrency, reflexions and perspeptives, REX School/Symposium,
Volume 803 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp:1-45,1993.

Clocks in dataflow languages ,
P. Caspi,
Theoretical Computer Science 94, 125-140, 1992.

The synchronous dataflow programming language Lustre.
N.Halbwachs, P.Caspi, P.Raymond and D.Pilaud.
Proceedings of the IEEE, 79(9), September 1991.

An a priori approach to the evaluation of signature analysis efficiency
P.Caspi, J.Piotrowski and R.Velazco,
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 40(9), 1068-1071, 1991

Lustre: a declarative language for programming synchronous systems.
P.Caspi, N.Halbwachs, D.Pilaud and J.Plaice.
14th ACM Conference on Principles of Programming Languages. Munich, January 1987.

A functional model for describing and reasoning about time behaviour of computing systems.
P.Caspi and N.Halbwachs.
Acta Informatica, 22, pp. 595-697, 1986

Stopping rules for a debugging process based on different software reliability models.
P.Caspi and E.F.Kouka.
14th International Conference on Fault-Tolerant Computing Systems, Orlando, June 1984.

An approach to real-time systems modeling.
P.Caspi and N.Halbwachs.
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Miami, October 1982.

Algebra of events, A model for parallel and real-time systems.
P.Caspi and N.Halbwachs
International Conference on Parallel Processing, Bellaire (Michigan), August 1982.

A method for improving the reliability of functionally distributed networks,
P.Caspi and J.Pulou,
Journal of Digital Systems, 4(4):409-426, 1981

Sur l'identification des systèmes linéaires déterministes instables,
Thèse de doctorat d'état, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, juin 1978.