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Contraintes, (anti-)limites, optimisation, … Quelques exemples en informatique (vus de l’intérieur) - F. Maraninchi

Maîtriser l’impact environnemental du numérique : quels enjeux pour les logiciels face aux limites globales ? - Florence Maraninchi et Romain Rouvoy

CNRS/INS2I Conférence “Sciences du logiciel : de l’idée au binaire”, 19-20 septembre 2022

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From Playing with Constraints… to Thinking in Terms of Limits (Towards New Research Directions in Computer Science)


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From Playing with Constraints… to Thinking in Terms of Limits (Towards New Research Directions in Computer Science)

Abstract: Having spent 30 years researching and teaching critical hard real-time systems in domains like avionics or aylways, I’m used to playing with various constraints (time, memory, determinism, …). But the impact of digital technologies on climate change forces us to think in terms of global limits, constraints are not enough. In this talk, I will review several sources of fragility in digital infrastructures, and then explore the consequences of thinking in terms of limits. A possible starting point for this topic is: Computing within limits

Green IT Summer School, June 29th, 2021

Infrastructures for Smart Cities: Towards Sharing Actuators

Abstract: Smart cities require the deployment of sensors and actuators, connected to a network infrastructure. A number of current solutions are vertical, in the sense that a set of sensors, actuators and even the network, are dedicated to one application (traffic control, light control, …). There is a trend towards horizontal solutions, in which sensors, actuators, and the network infrastructure, can be shared between actors and applications. Sharing sensors, typically between several monitoring applications, is technically much simpler than sharing actuators. In this talk, we will see what it means to share actuators, define a notion of conflicting commands, and see what type of access control protocol can be used to guarantee safety properties and atomicity in the presence of such conflicts. Since actuators influence the physical world, actions cannot be undone. This raises specific problems for the definition of a transaction-like mechanism.

Journée GDR SoC2 et RSD, 1er avril 2019