Florence Maraninchi

I’m a Professor at the Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering and Management, University Grenoble Alpes, Ensimag. I’m a member of the Verimag laboratory, and also a member of CAMPUS d’après Grenoble. This website is a minimal professional homepage + some blogging items about open science, sustainable research, ecology, etc. It is mainly in English, except when it is in French!


Let Us Not Put All Our Eggs in One Basket: The 'Fading ICT' Scenario : Research in computer science and computer engineering includes several branches dedicated to the environmental impacts of ICT. Green-IT (… ). Green-IT (…) In order not to put all our eggs in one basket, we should start studying other, less techno-optimistic, scenarios. A somewhat extreme hypothesis is that manufacturing new hardware will stop at some point in the future. We should therefore study the ‘fading-ICT’ scenario, using the abundant ICT resources of today to prepare a future of scarcity, in which some of the activities that rely on ICT today will be freed from this dependency.
Quelle recherche en informatique pour un numérique inscrit dans les limites planétaires ? : Billet CNRS Sciences informatiques
(Recent) Presentations : Contraintes, (anti-)limites, optimisation, … Quelques exemples en informatique (vus de l’intérieur)

No-Fly Declaration

I've stopped flying in both personal and professional contexts since May 14, 2018.

TGV-PSE Grenoble station october 2006
Aircraft image by DoomSlayer on Pixabay.