Let Us Not Put All Our Eggs in One Basket: The 'Fading ICT' Scenario





Research in computer science and computer engineering includes several branches dedicated to the environmental impacts of ICT. Green-IT consists in improving the performances of ICT itself (software, hardware, communication infrastruture) in order to reduce its impacts; Green-by-IT promises to reduce the impacts of other sectors thanks to ICT. In this talk we will argue that this is not sufficient. Green-IT optimizations are often (if not always) synonymous of massive rebound effects. Green-by-IT is nothing more than a promise, at least until now. In order not to put all our eggs in one basket, we should start studying other, less techno-optimistic, scenarios. A somewhat extreme hypothesis is that manufacturing new hardware will stop at some point in the future. We should therefore study the “fading-ICT” scenario, using the abundant ICT resources of today to prepare a future of scarcity, in which some of the activities that rely on ICT today will be freed from this dependency.

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