Susanne Graf

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Office 283 in IMAG building


Models and Methods for the Construction and Verification of Complex Systems

  • Contract-based design and analysis of mixed critical systems
  • Design and Synthesis of Distributed Implementations form Global Specifications
  • Design-by-contract approaches
  • Component-based system specification and analysis (see also project SPEEDS)
  • Heterogeneous Designs (SPEEDS)
  • Real-Time UML (see also OMEGA) and associated verification techniques
  • Component based design and verification (see also OMEGA and ARTIST)
  • Verification in the Large: IF language and Tool-set
  • Semantics of real-time and distributed systems,
  • Time extensions of Modelling languages (INTERVAL, OMEGA)
  • Verification of infinite state systems by means of abstract interpretation (an overview)
  • Combination of abstraction, algorithmic model checking and theorem proving (Invariant Checker)
  • Temporal Logics and associated Verification Techniques