title = { When the decreasing sequence fails },
    author = {Halbwachs, Nicolas and Henry, Julien},
    month = {sep},
    year = {2012},
    booktitle = {19th International Static Analysis Symposium, SAS'12},
    address = {Deauville, France},
    pages = {198--213},
    publisher = {LNCS 7460, Springer Verlag},
    team = {SYNC},
    abstract = {The classical method for program analysis by abstract interpretation consists in computing a increasing sequence with widening, which converges towards a correct solution, then computing a decreasing sequence of correct solutions without widening. It is generally admitted that, when the decreasing sequence reaches a fixpoint, it cannot be improved further. As a consequence, all efforts for improving the precision of an analysis have been devoted to improving the limit of the increasing sequence. In this paper, we propose a method to improve a fixpoint after its computation. The method consists in projecting the solution onto well-chosen components and to start again increasing and decreasing sequences from the result of the projection. },



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