title = { How useful is the {UML} real-time profile {SPT} without Semantics? },
    author = {Graf, Susanne and Ober, Ileana},
    month = {apr},
    year = {2004},
    booktitle = {Int. workshop SIVOES 2004, associated with RTAS 2004, Toronto Canada},
    note = {position paper},
    team = {DCS},
    abstract = {In this position paper we argue that the present practise in UML, consisting in standardising notations only at the level of abstract syntax (meta-model) is in particular in the context of real-time embedded systems, and thus the SPT profile, hindering the usefulness of the standard. A standard should make possible exchange of (parts of) models, and this is clearly not the case today. We argue that the real-time profile that we have defined in the context of the OMEGA project, can provide a basis for the semantic definition of any real-time profile. Also, the translation of the operational part of UML into IF, based on the use of priorities, can be mimicked for providing a means to define any particular execution semantics in UML.},


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