title = { {MARTES} - Specification and Validation of Real-time and Embedded Systems, workshop overview },
    author = {Graf, Susanne and G\'erard, S\'ebastien and Haugen, Oystein and Ober, Iulian and Selic, Bran},
    year = {2005},
    booktitle = {MoDELS 2005 International Workshops, Doctoral Symposium, Educators Symposium; Montenegro Bay, Jamaica, October 2005, Revised Selected Papers},
    series = {LNCS},
    volume = {3844},
    team = {DCS},
    abstract = {This paper presents an overview on the workshop on Modelling and Analysis of Real-TIme Embedded systems that is a follow-up workshop of the previous SVERTS and SIVOES workshops, that took place with the Models/UML 2005 conference. The main themes discussed at this years workshop concerned modelling for validation and profiles for real-time. },


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