title = {Efficient Generation of Correctness Certificates for the Abstract Domain of Polyhedra },
    author = {Fouilh\'e, Alexis and Monniaux, David and P'erin, Micha\"el},
    year = {2013},
    booktitle = {Static analysis (SAS)},
    eprint = {hal-00806990},
    team = {SYNC, DCS, PACSS},
    pdf = {Fouilhe_et_al_SAS_2013.pdf}, eprinttype = {HAL}, category = {intc},
    abstract = {Polyhedra form an established abstract domain for inferring runtime properties of programs using abstract interpretation. Computations on them need to be certified for the whole static analysis results to be trusted. In this work, we look at how far we can get down the road of a posteriori verification to lower the overhead of certification of the abstract domain of polyhedra. We demonstrate methods for making the cost of inclusion certificate generation negligible. From a performance point of view, our single-representation, constraints-based implementation compares with state-of-the-art implementations.},

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