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 MATLAB/Simulink to BIP

Simulink2BIP is a tool for the translation of Simulink models into the synchronous subset of BIP. The Simulink2BIP can translate part of the discrete-time fragment of Simulink. Simulations are performed using fixed-time step and on single rate mode. Through this page the developer can download the tool as well as documentation about installing, running and debugging the tool. Some examples are also provided.


Latest Version: 0.5, Jun. 7, 2010

To use the tool you will need to download it. Below you will find the latest distribution of the tool and the library of the components.

  • The Simulink2BIP tool (download)
  • The Simulink translated library (download)
  • Installation and running instructions (download)

Disclaimer: Simulink2BIP is still in its early development stages. We apologize for any bugs and we cannot guarantee the correctness of the results. The source code is available from the author upon request.


Below we provide helpful documents about the tool:

  • Restrictions about the Simulink models to be parsed (download)
  • A report about the translation of Simulink into Synchronous BIP (download)
  • A brief description for future developers of the tool (download)

The developer should be provided also with:


Here are some examples to download, run and compile:

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