Class Timed2Untimed

  extended by ujf.verimag.bip.time.Timed2Untimed

public class Timed2Untimed
extends java.lang.Object

arobert module to transform the timed BIP to core BIP feature. The rules used to do this transformation are: - if a component as already the tick port use it without transformation. It is view as a user timed component, or already transform by BIP compiler for imported packages - if an atomic component contains a timed transition: - add the tick port - add a time state with a loop transition triggered by the tick port and with action : increment all timed variable. - if a compound component contains another component with tick port, add the tick port - add the timed condition to the guard of the transition (clock in the interval) - eager transition are translated to a priority between trigger and tick port if the component is in the origin state of the transition - nothing to add to the lazy transition - delayable transition are translated to a priority between trigger and tick port when the clock reach delay upper bound. - connect all the tick portsx

Field Summary
static java.lang.String TICKNAME
static java.lang.String TIMESTATE
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean isTimed(AtomType at)
 boolean isTimed(ComponentType ct)
 boolean isTimed(CompoundType ct)
 boolean markTimedComp(Module m)
 void untimed(Module m)
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String TICKNAME
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public static final java.lang.String TIMESTATE
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Constructor Detail


public Timed2Untimed()
Method Detail


public boolean isTimed(ComponentType ct)


public boolean isTimed(AtomType at)


public boolean isTimed(CompoundType ct)


public boolean markTimedComp(Module m)


public void untimed(Module m)