Language Embedding

Generating BIP Models from Other Languages

Language embedding concerns the use of BIP as an unifying semantic model for structural representation of such different programming models or domain specific languages. We have developed a general method for generating BIP models from languages with well-defined operational semantics.

 GeNoM to BIP

GeNoM is a C++ software framework used for the implementation of the functional layer within autonomous robotic applications. Our joint collaboration with LAAS reported in [4], [5] demonstrates that BIP can be seamlessly integrated within the preexisting design methodology, in particular:

  • BIP has been used for (1) the incremental modeling of GenoM modules used to implement the functional level and (2) the modeling of their allowed interactions as specified by the control execution level of the robot;
  • the resulting BIP model has been used to synthesize a controller for the overall execution of all the functional modules and to enforce by construction the constraints and the rules inside modules but also between the various functional modules;
  • the BIP model has been also used to formally verify several safety-critical properties of the robot including ordering and synchronization constraints, data freshness properties, deadlock-freedom, etc.

[4S. Bensalem, F. Ingrand and J. Sifakis. Autonomous Robot Software Design Challenge. In 6th IARP/IEEE-RAS/EURON Joint Workshop on Technical Challenge for Dependable Robots in Human Environments, 2008

[5A. Basu, M. Gallien, C. Lesire, T. Nguyen, S. Bensalem, F. Ingrand and J. Sifakis. Incremental Component-Based Construction and Verification of a Robotic System. In European Conference on Artificial Intelligence ECAI’08 Proceedings, volume 178 of FAIA, pages 631-635, IOS Press

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