Language Embedding

Generating BIP Models from Other Languages

Language embedding concerns the use of BIP as an unifying semantic model for structural representation of such different programming models or domain specific languages. We have developed a general method for generating BIP models from languages with well-defined operational semantics.

 Synchronous Systems in BIP

We provide in [1] a general representation for the synchronous programming model. We show that we can meaningfully represent synchronous components e.g., Lustre nodes, using (compositions of) atomic components with a particular cyclic behavior. This representation reveals in BIP the least coordination required for the correct execution of synchronous systems. Moreover, for this particular class of components we provide sufficient syntactic conditions to ensure deadlock freedom and confluence of computations.

[1M. Bozga, V. Sfyrla and J. Sifakis. Modeling Synchronous Systems in BIP. In Embedded Software EMSOFT’09 Proceedings

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