Seminar details

Room 206 (2nd floor, badged access)

20 February 2023 - 14h00
Exploration of 3D environments by swarms of luminous autonomous robots.
by anais durand from univ. clermont auvergne

Abstract: Coordinating swarms of luminous autonomous robots is an active branch of distributed computing. These robots are equipped with motion actuators, visibility sensors, and a few lights of different colors. Despite their weak capabilities (short-range visibility sensors, limited memory, no GPS, ...), these robots can cooperate, without any central control, to achieve complex tasks. In this talk, we will present two optimal solutions to solve the perpetual exploration of a 3D grid by a swarm of luminous autonomous robots. The first solution considers robots with the optimal visibility range one. It requires three robots (the necessary and sufficient number of robots to solve the problem) and five lights of different colors. The second solution works with oblivious robots (i.e. robots endowed with only one light color) but requires five robots and a visibility range two.

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