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Room 206 (2nd floor, badged access)

8 December 2022 - 14h00
Oblivious Online Monitoring for Safety LTL Specification via Fully Homomorphic Encryption
by Kohei SUENAGA from Kyoto University

Abstract: In many Internet of Things (IoT) applications, data sensed by an IoT
device are continuously sent to the server and monitored against a
specification. Since the data often contain sensitive information, and
the monitored specification is usually proprietary, both must be kept
private from the other end. We propose a protocol to conduct oblivious online monitoring without revealing the private information of each party to the other. In our protocol, we first convert a safety LTL formula into a DFA and conduct online monitoring with the DFA. Based on fully
homomorphic encryption (FHE), we propose two online algorithms
(REVERSE and BLOCK) to run a DFA obliviously. We prove the correctness
and security of our entire protocol. We also show the scalability of
our algorithms theoretically and empirically. Our case study shows
that our algorithms are fast enough to monitor blood glucose levels
online, demonstrating our protocols practical relevance.
(Joint work with Ryotaro Banno, Kotaro Matsuoka, Naoki Matsumoto, Song
Bian and Masaki Waga)

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Code secret : 156333
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