Seminar details

Room 206 (2nd floor, badged access)

2 July 2019 - 14h00
Developing Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems for Complex Missions
by Indranil Saha from IIT Kanpur, India

Abstract: Autonomous multi-robot systems have tremendous potential to be useful in various applications, including search and rescue, surveillance, law enforcement, precision agriculture, and warehouse management. Given a high-level mission specification for a multi-robot system, it is technically challenging to determine the responsibilities of the individual robots and a plan for them to execute their tasks safely in such a way that the mission becomes successful. In this talk, I will present a framework for developing multi-robot systems where the mission specification is provided using a set of linear temporal logic (LTL) properties, and the dynamics of the robots are captured in the form of a set of motion primitives. We formulate the planning problem as an SMT solving problem and use an off-the-shelf SMT solver to generate safe trajectories for the robots. I will discuss various challenges that we face in scaling up our solution to large-scale multi-robot systems and describe how we address some of those challenges. As an extension, I will present how the multi-robot coverage problem can be effectively solved in our framework.

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