Seminar details

salle A. Turing CE4

14 April 2014 - 14h00
CompSOC: A Mixed-Criticality Platform, Formalism, and Design Flow
by Kees Goossens from TUE

Abstract: Cyber-physical, embedded real-time systems often contain multiple concurrent applications that
have different characteristics and requirements, and are often designed by different parties. As a result, a
single system contains applications designed using different models of computation, and with different
criticalities (e.g. real time, safety critical, adaptive, or not). CompSOC is a complete solution consisting
of formalism (dataflow), software (microkernels, RTOS), hardware (multiprocessor, NOC, DRAM), and design
flow (SDF3) that addresses this problem. In this presentation we present in detail how CompSOC achieves this
by being: a) composable: offering virtual execution platforms for independent design, verification, &
execution of applications of mixed criticality; b) predictable: using the dataflow (CSDF/SADF) formalism as
both programming and analysis model for real-time execution in a virtual execution platform.

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