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3 February 2011 - 14h00
Component-based Systems: from Design to Implementation (Phd Defense)

Abstract: The goal of the thesis is to provide theory, methods and tools for the design and implementation
of component-based systems.
To master the complexity of systems of components, we first propose a contract-based design and verification approach which is both compositional and incremental. Then we provide a distributed implementation of these systems allowing to preserve some global properties.
The proposed verification approach uses contracts as a means to constrain, refine and implement systems. It is based on a generic contract framework that we instantiate for a component framework allowing to express progress properties. We also extend the approach to reason about systems of arbitrary size and we show its usefulness for proving safety and progress properties in networked systems.
In the context of distributed settings, these systems must later be executed in a distributed fashion. We also propose in this thesis a protocol that allows executing systems in a distributed way while preserving some global requirements namely priorities and synchronizations. Then, we
provide an implementation of this protocol in a particular platform.

- Jean-Claude FERNANDEZ, (Université Grenoble I, VERIMAG), Président
- Elie NAJM, (Télécom-ParisTech), Rapporteur
- Iulian OBER, (IRIT/Université Toulouse), Rapporteur
- Gerardo SCHNEIDER, (Université de Gothenburg), Examinateur
- Susanne GRAF, (VERIMAG/CNRS), Directrice de thèse

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