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B  display_graph command line options

The following are the options supported by display_graph which can be viewed using display_graph --help:
Display Stateflow Graphs (c) VERIMAG 2004

  Display the internal structure used by sf2lus.


  display_graph <options> file.mdl

Bug reports and enquiries to: "Paul Caspi" <>

  -r13                     Matlab version 13
  -r14                     Matlab version 14 (default)
  -kw <str>                Add a keyword to the keyword identifier list
  -nkw <str>               Remove a keyword from the keyword identifier list
  -paths                   Use full path names for states
  -no_paths                Do not set -paths automatically
  -I <dir>                 Append a directory to the search path
  -include <file>          Add a file to be included
  -o <file>                Name of output file, (default: stdout)
  -mws <file>              Name of Matlab workspace emulation file
  -margin <int>            Set the margin for formatted output
  -max_indent <int>        Set the maximum indent for formatted output
  -text_limit <int>        Limit output strings to this number of characters
  -names                   Use state names in variables
  -ids                     Use state ids in variables
  -names_ids               Use both names and state ids in variables
  -long_names              Use unabrreviated names (eg. "s" -> "state")
  -string_escape_subgraph  string escape subgraphs for "string_of_graph"
  -colours                 Use colours in graph plotting
  -link_ids                Include link ids in dot output
  -node_ids                Include node ids in dot output
  -display_pointers        Display root, parent and this pointers
  -display_fromto          Display from, to and sublink pointers
  -display_local_data      Display local data attached to nodes
  -display_ids             Display ids only for "display_graph"
  -display_names           Display names only for "display_graph"
  -display_intermediates   Display intermediate graphs
  -display_wait            Wait for viewer after display
  -viewer <str>            Viewer for dot output files (default: ghostview)
  -dot_output_type <str>   Dot output type (dot -Ttype, default: ps)
  -dot_output_size <str>   Dot output size (dot -Gsize=<str>, default: 11,8)
  -dot_simulink            Include Simulink in dot output
  -dot_boxes               Include boxes in dot output
  -g                       Enable debug printouts
  -gp                      Enable parser debug printouts
  -v                       Set debug level
  -help                    Display this list of options
  --help                   Display this list of options

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