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A  sf2lus command line options

The following are the currently supported options which can be viewed using sf2lus --help:
Stateflow to Lustre (c) VERIMAG 2004

  Convert Stateflow into Lustre.


  sf2lus <options> file.mdl

Bug reports and enquiries to: "Paul Caspi" <>

  -r13                     Matlab version 13
  -r14                     Matlab version 14 (default)
  -kw <str>                Add a keyword to the keyword identifier list
  -nkw <str>               Remove a keyword from the keyword identifier list
  -paths                   Use full path names for states
  -no_paths                Do not set -paths automatically
  -I <dir>                 Append a directory to the search path
  -include <file>          Add a file to be included
  -o <file>                Name of output file, (default: stdout)
  -mws <file>              Name of Matlab workspace emulation file
  -margin <int>            Set the margin for formatted output
  -max_indent <int>        Set the maximum indent for formatted output
  -text_limit <int>        Limit output strings to this number of characters
  -pollux                  Use Pollux modifications (default)
  -nbac                    Use Nbac modifications
  -reluc                   Use Reluc modifications
  -scade                   Use Scade modifications
  -names                   Use state names in variables
  -ids                     Use state ids in variables
  -names_ids               Use both names and state ids in variables
  -long_names              Use unabrreviated names (eg. "s" -> "state")
  -no_self_init            Top level graph does not provide initialization
  -ess <int>               Event stack size
  -sends                   Enable sends to specific state (events become ints)
  -errstate                Add error output variable
  -junc_states             Treat junctions as states
  -create_missing          Add missing data to data dictionary
  -missing_scope <scope>   Scope for missing data (default: INPUT_DATA)
  -missing_datatype <type> Data type for missing data (default: double)
  -no_constants            Omit workspace constants from output
  -emulate_time            Provide internal time value
  -start_time <float>      Start time for emulated time
  -time_increment <float>  Time increment for emulated time
  -real_time               Provide real time value (in external C code)
  -varprefix <str>         Prefix all variables (for namespace conflict avoidance)
  -prefix <str>            Prefix all names (used for comparisons with lesar)
  -suffix <str>            Suffix all names (used for comparisons with lesar)
  -observe <expr>          Add observer node for given expression
  -no_observers            Don't read observer file
  -consistency             Add state consistency observer (sets -states_visible)
  -counters                Add loop counters to junctions (sets -junc_states)
  -unroll                  Unroll loops according to loop counters
  -trace                   Add trace output
  -trace_inputs <int>      Number of inputs to add to trace output
  -trace_locals <int>      Number of locals to add to trace output
  -export_cvs              Export condition variables (set if function call events)
  -states_visible          Make state variables visible for toplevel graph
  -temps_visible           Make temporary variables visible for toplevel graph
  -stubs_visible           Make stub nodes visible in output (won't compile)
  -locals_visible          Make chart locals outputs
  -no_typecheck            Do not typecheck generated nodes
  -no_sequence             Do not sequence generated nodes
  -no_normalize            Do not normalize generated nodes
  -input_bools_ints        Transform input booleans into ints (for luciole)
  -write_now               Write output as generated (debug)
  -g                       Enable debug printouts
  -gp                      Enable parser debug printouts
  -v                       Set debug level
  -help                    Display this list of options
  --help                   Display this list of options

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