European H2020, 2018-2020

The overall objective of the Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) in Space Robotics Technologies is to deliver by 2023/2024 key technologies at a significant scale suitable for two major application domains: orbital and surface exploration. More specifically this 2016 SRC assumes as reference/target scenarios in-orbit servicing and planetary rover autonomous exploration. consortium

This project, ADE (European Robotic Goal-Oriented Autonomous Controller) is targeting the tenth operational Grant (OG10) of the 2018 call, namely.

“The challenge of OG10 is to demonstrate the techniques needed to realize a planetary rover system with very long traverse capabilities (kilometres per sol) by independently taking the decisions required to progress, reduce risks and seize opportunities of data collection. The rover will be required to travel independently from a starting point (e.g. a lander) towards and end point (say a cache of sample), perform independent opportunistic science on the way and return to the lander with the acquired soil sample. The outcome sought in OG10 is the demonstration of such capabilities in a terrestrial analogue of a planetary environment ”.

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