Types, Processes and Applications to Security and Biological Systems

This project (SI05-02) is supported by the PRA program of AFCRST.


The long term scientific objective of the research proposed here is to develop robust and sound techniques for the challenges in computation, which cover a wide range of application, such as embedded systems and biological systems. A deep understanding of the underlying computational phenomena is needed, which involves, in our sense, the development of the dedicated mathematical foundations, such as process algebra and type theory.

Partners and contacts

  1. BASICS (Laboratory for Basic Studies in Computing Science), Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai: Yuxi FU.
  2. LCS (Laboratory of Computer Science), Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing: Ying JIANG.
  3. The Laboratory for Programming Logic, Nanjing University: Fangmin SONG.
  4. VERIMAG, Université Joseph Fourier: Jean-François MONIN.
  5. PPS, Université Denis Diderot: Pierre-Louis CURIEN.

The partners share a common interest on software development methods based on firm and sound mathematical ground, especially type theory and algebraic computational models. A previous cooperation, ended two years ago, led by the Institute of Software in Beijing and Paris 7/PPS, placed the emphasis on the logical foundations. The new cooperation is led by Jiaotong University/BASICS at Shanghai and University Joseph Fourier/VERIMAG at Grenoble, and focuses on proof engineering, mobility and the modeling of biological processes.

Research Program

In this project, we propose to advance the understanding of the concurrency theory, type theory and their roles in applications on security and biological processes by carrying out investigations in the following aspects:

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.