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Yassine Lakhnech
Professor at the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble 1)

Research Laboratory: VERIMAG
Research Team: Distributed and Complex Systems (team leader).
Address : Verimag, Centre Equation
                  2 Av. de Vignate,
                  F-38610 Gieres, France.
Pho.:   +33 (0) 4 56 52 03 81    Fax.:   +33 (0)  4 56 52 03 44 
  Firstname.Lastname (at)imag.fr     
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Research activities

Research topics:

  • Theory in Computer Security and Cryptography
  • Computer-Verified Security
  • Computational Non-interference
  • Language-based Security
  • Semantics and foundations of programming and modeling languages.
  • Semantics and Formal Verification
  • Logics and automata

My publications (will be updated tomorrow)

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Some statistics computed with Harzing's Publish or Perish :

Papers: 147 h-index: 25 g-index: 42

Cryptology seminar

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PERSYVAL-lab (Cyber-Physical Systems and Algorithms): A vision and an inter-disciplinary research program

I coordinated with the help of Marie-Christine Rousset and Jean-Marc Thiriet the proposal of the "laboratoire d'excellence" (excellence research lab.) PERSYVAL-lab.
PERSYVAL-lab aims at developing the theory, algorithms and tools needed for the development of cyber-physical systems (CPS). These are systems at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.
Examples of CPS are embedded systems, systems of embedded systems, internet of things, sensor networks, augmented reality systems, smart spaces,...
Innovation in many industrial sectors such as auto-motive, energy distribution and smart grids, smart buildings, consumer electronics, health and well-being and transportation will be driven by advances in CPS.
They are heterogeneous with respect to many aspects. They mix critical and best-effort systems, hard and soft-realtime, continuous and discrete dynamics, off-line and on-line data mining and decision taking, ...
Traditional computing system's theory based on the separation between the computational and the physical systems' caracteristics is not applicable for CPS.
A new systems engineering science, that is based on a firm mathematical ground and combines computing science and control theory is needed. This is the aim of PERSYVAL-lab
See PERSYVAL-lab for more details.

Activities in the Department and University

Teaching Activities

Some Projects

  • EVA: Explication et Vérification Automatique de protocoles cryptographiques
  • ACI Rossignol: Verification of Cryptographic Protocols.

  • Some events


    Verimag's football (soccer) team (some good players missing)
    Do  you know  who is Muhammad ibn Musa al-khawarizmi al-Qutrubbuli?