SR3 : Secure Resilient and Reputation-based Routing

SR3 is a many-to-one routing protocol, designed for wireless sensor networks, which is both secure and resilient. It is a reinforced random walk that is partially determinized using a reputation mechanism.

CryptoVerif proofs

To prove some of the cryptographic properties of SR3, we used CryptoVerif, an automatic prover for cryptographic protocols in the computational model. The related modelization files and expected results are available for download.

The refinements of the bounds computed by CryptoVerif are available here.

Sinalgo sources

The source code needed to reproduce our experimental evaluation is available here. We used Sinalgo, a network simulator from ETH Zurich.

Technical report

The technical report for SR3 is available here.


For any enquiries related to SR3, drop me a line at Stephane.Devismes/at/