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  • AMT 2.0 Analog Monitoring Tool [Open-source distribution, beta, active maintenance]

    AMT 2.0 is a tool for offline monitoring and measuring temporal specifications over discrete and continuous behaviors.

  • Kronos

    Kronos is a tool for model-checking of timed automata against specifications expressed using the real-time temporal logic TCTL.


    This library provides an algorithmic infrastructure for reachability computation of non-linear dynamical systems.

  • PHAVer

    PHAVer is a tool for reachability analysis of continuous and hybrid systems based on Linear Hybrid Automata.

  • SpaceEx State Space Explorer [Open-source distribution, active maintenance]

    The SpaceEx platform, a tool designed to facilitate the implementation of algorithms related to reachability and safety verification of continuous and hybrid systems.


  • d/dt

    d/dt is a prototype tool for reachability analysis of continuous and hybrid systems


The tools below are prototypes or tools that are not active anymore.
  • OpenKronos

    OpenKronos: is an on-the-fly verification tool for timed automata based on an integration of the DBM library of Kronos into CADP.

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