Marius Bozga

CNRS Research Engineer (IR1)


Bâtiment IMAG
Université Grenoble Alpes
700, Avenue Centrale
38401 Saint Martin d’Hères

tel: +33 (0)4 57 42 22 07
fax: +33 (0)4 57 42 22 22

e-mail: Marius [dot] Bozga [at] univ-grenoble-alpes [dot] fr


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Tools Research

The BIP (Behavior-Interaction-Priority) Toolbox for incremental construction and analysis of component-based systems

The FLATA tool for analysis of counter automata systems.

The L2CA (Lists to Counter Automata) Tool for extracting counter automata models from programs operating on single-linked lists

IF (Intermediate Format) Toolbox for validation of timed asynchronous systems

The SMI (Symbolic Model Interface) Platform, an ancestor of IF for a simpler input language, and still used by the Open/Kronos tool

The PDG (Probabilistic Decision Graphs) Package, an implementation of the idea presented in the CAV'99 paper "On the representation of Probabilities over Structured Domains"

The MDD (Multivalued Decision Diagrams) Package, an implementation of MDDs with binary branching on conditions of the form variable <= value, a very promising idea I have promoted during my DEA on symbolic representations for model checking

The SDL2IF translator.  Notice that, the use of this translator requires (1) the SDL/API licensed feature of Object Geode (Telelogic) and (2) a SunOS Solaris machine

An on the fly evaluator for alternating free mu-calculus, developed in the past as part of the CADP toolbox.  It is currently included in the IF distribution

A simple MSC viewer.  This is my first (and maybe the last) attempt to write Java/Swing code

For my colleagues at Verimag only, the Intranet/Administrative web and database.

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