Current members


Professors & Assistant Professors
Sylvain Boulme email 0457422206 Grenoble INP
Pierre Corbineau email 0457422211 UGA/polytech/27
Cristian Ene email 0457422214 UGA
Jean-François Monin email 0457422231 UGA
Laurent Mounier email 0457422233 UGA
Michaël Perin email 0457422237 UGA Polytech
Marie-Laure Potet email 0457422238 Grenoble INP
Jean-Louis Roch email 0457422241 Grenoble INP
Nicolas Halbwachs email 0457422220 CNRS
David Monniaux email 0457422232 CNRS
Alexandre Marechal email 0457422255 UGA
PhD Candidates
Pierre-Leo Begay email
Etienne Boespflug email UGA
Marc Coiffier email
Leo Gourdin email UGA
Maxime Lesourd email VERIMAG
Frédéric Recoules email UGA
Cyril Six email
Vincent Werner email
Romain Xu-Darme email UGA

In the Past

Past members are not listed here by default now. If you want to appear here, mail us ; indicate a valid and long-lasting url and/or mail if you want them/it to appear.

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