Current members


Professors & Assistant Professors
Sylvain Boulme email 0457422206 Grenoble INP
Pierre Corbineau email 0457422211 UGA/polytech/27
Cristian Ene email 0457422214 UGA
Jean-François Monin email 0457422231 UGA
Laurent Mounier email 0457422233 UGA
Michaël Perin email 0457422237 UGA Polytech
Marie-Laure Potet email 0457422238 Grenoble INP
Jean-Louis Roch email 0457422241 Grenoble INP
Nicolas Halbwachs email 0457422220 CNRS
David Monniaux email 0457422232 CNRS
Alexandre Marechal email 0457422255 UGA
Paolo Torrini email Grenoble INP
PhD Candidates
Pierre-Leo Begay email
Etienne Boespflug email UGA
Marc Coiffier email
Benjamin Farinier email 0457422286 CEA
Maxime Lesourd email VERIMAG
Frédéric Recoules email UGA
Cyril Six email
Vincent Werner email
Romain Xu-Darme email UGA

In the Past

Past members are not listed here by default now. If you want to appear here, mail us ; indicate a valid and long-lasting url and/or mail if you want them/it to appear.

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