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  • Mjollnir

    A quantifier elimination tool

  • Pagai a static analyzer [Binary distribution, basic maintenance]

    Pagai is a static analyzer based on the LLVM framework.


The tools below are prototypes or tools that are not active anymore.
  • IF Intermediate Format and Verification Tool set

    The IF Intermediate Representation based on extending communicating timed automata has been defined for being able to offer a powerful toolset offering simulation, analysis and verification facilities for different modelling languages for distributed real-time systems.

  • TGV Test Generation with Verification technology

    TGV (Test Generation with Verification technology) is a tool for the generation of conformance test suites for protocols. It is the result of a collaboration of the project Pampa of the Irisa institute with the projet Spectre/INRIA of the Verimag research center.

The Verimag Tools page

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