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Les projets de l’équipe PACSS

Projets en cours

    Projets Nationaux

  • CASERM - Persyval-Lab Equipe-Action 2016-2019
    CASERM : Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Multi-view Embedded Systems
  • ESTATE - ANR Project 2016-2020
    Enhancing Safety and self-sTAbilization in Time-varying distributed Environments
  • VOCaL (The Verified OCaml Library) - ANR 2015-2019
    Our project aims at developing the first mechanically verified library of efficient general-purpose data structures and algorithms. This may come as a surprise, but there does not currently exist any verified library of significant size in any programming language. In the recent decades, a lot of effort has been invested into the development of program verification tools for mainstream languages such as C or Java, including efforts by members of our teams. These efforts have been successful (...)
  • Autres projets

  • SECURIOT-2 - 2018-2020

Projets Terminés

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