New BIP tools

The new version of the BIP compiler and engines is available now. Notice that we slightly modified the BIP language (its syntax and its semantics) with respect to the old versions the tools that are still available here.

contact: Jacques Combaz, former developers: Anakreontas Mentis, Marc Poulhiès


The BIP tools provided here consist of a compiler for generating code from BIP sources, and an execution engine used as a scheduler for executing the generated code. We currently target C++ code generation, but the tool-chain allows the use of multiple backends at the same time.

Notice that these tools are only provided for GNU/Linux systems. They are known to work correctly on Mac OSX, and probably other Unices, but we do not support them currently. Please contact us for specific installations.

The compiler requires Java VM, version 6. For compiling the generated C++ code, you also need a standard C++ compiler with support for the STL, and C++0x for the optimized engine and C++11 for the multithread engine. We strongly recommend to use the GNU compiler g++ version 4.8 or above (GCC). The compilation of the generated code needs also CMake.

If you use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, to install all the dependencies required for the compiler you simply need to install packets default-jre, g++, cmake, e.g. using the following command in a terminal:

 $ sudo apt-get install default-jre g++ cmake
Quick install

Download the archive corresponding to the latest version of BIP, and matching your platform:

Extract it and source the ’’ located at the root of the archive.

Check the corresponding section in the documentation for more details.

Separate archives

If you can’t use the quick install, you can still download and install separate archives corresponding to the latest version of BIP:

 Try Hello World Example

Once the BIP tools are correctly installed, you can try the Hello World example of provided in the BIP tutorial. Instruction for compiling this example can be found using the following link: Hello World.

All tutorial’s examples can be downloaded following this link.


A full documentation for the BIP tools and language is available using the following links. Notice that the revision number of the documentation is different from the one of the tools (i.e. RC6.1 instead of RC6) since it was fixed recently (more information about revisions).

This documentation contains:

 Notes about revisions

More information about the revisions of the BIP compiler and engines can be found here.


Please feel free to report bugs, problems, comments to: Jacques Combaz.

If you need to report a bug, please include (if possible) all the source files and a log of everything (compilation warnings/errors, execution trace, ...).

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