Lustre V6

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Install lus2lic via opam

The easiest way to install the Lustre V6 compiler (badly named lus2lic) is to go through opam, the ocaml package manager, which should work on all linux and mac OSes.

  1. Install opam
  2. Add the verimag-sync repo in the list of your opam repos:
    opam repo add verimag-sync-repo "http://www-verimag.imag.fr/DIST-TOOLS/SYNCHRONE/opam-repository"
    opam update
  3. and then install the lustre-v6 package:
    opam install lustre-v6
  4. to retreive the last Lustre V6 version, one just have to do:
    opam update
    opam upgrade

Install Lustre V6 tools via dpkg

Coming (hopefully) soon.

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