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This  directory   contains  binary   version(s)  of  the   Lustre  v6
compiler. The release is made of 3 directories:

 - bin/
 - doc/
 - test/

which contains what one expect to find in such kind of directories. 
The provided binaries ougth to be stand-alone. Try the "--help" option.

If you want version compiled on other architecture, please ask (

Please note it is an alpha(*)  version. Currently there is no backend
(lic2c).  But using -lv4 or -ec options of lus2lic, you can still use
the V4  tools (lus2ec, ec2c)  to generate C  code for most  Lustre V6

(*) cf


Recents changes:
 - one can include unpackaged (v4) programs now.
 - more bug fixes... 
 - add a --do-not-expand (-dne) <node> option to prevent the node expanser to expand the mentioned node. 
 - and a --expand-struct-and-arrays option
 - add a -ec option that generates v4-style ec. 
 - bug fixes...