The IF Intermediate Representation based on extending communicating timed automata has been defined for being able to offer a powerful toolset offering simulation, analysis and verification facilities for different modelling languages for distributed real-time systems.

IF plays thus the role of an intermediate representation between high-level standards and verification tools. This representation is expressive enough to capture most of the functional primitives existing in standard languages such as SDL and UML (parallel execution, communication media, complex data, dynamic creation and destruction, parameterization, etc) as well as non-functional aspects related to timing, performance and scheduling.

The IF Toolset includes front-ends allowing to translate different high-level modelling languages (e.g. SDL and different UML dialects) into the IF intermediate representation. Then it offers a number of backend tools for simulation and verification of IF models, and TGV allows generating test cases for a given test objective.

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Last update: 03/02/2021