SPIN 2004

11th International SPIN Workshop on Model Checking of Software

April 1-3, 2004, Barcelona, Spain

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Advisory Committee: Gerard Holzmann (chair), Amir Pnueli

Steering Committee: Thomas Ball, Susanne Graf, Stefan Leue, Moshe Vardi, Pierre Wolper (chair)

Organisation Committee
Susanne Graf (Verimag, Grenoble, F, chair)
Laurent Mounier (Verimag, Grenoble, F, chair)

Programme Committee
Bernard Boigelot (Ličge, B)
Dragan Bosnacki (Eindhoven, NL)
David Dill (Stanford, USA)
Javier Esparza (Stuttgart, D)
Patrice Godefroid (Bell Laboratories, USA)
Susanne Graf (Verimag, Grenoble, F, chair)
John Hatcliff (Kansas State, USA),
Gerard Holzmann (Bell Labs, USA),
Stefan Leue (Freiburg, D)
Pedro Merino (Málaga, E)
Laurent Mounier (Verimag, Grenoble, F)
Mooly Sagiv (Tel-Aviv, Il)
Scott Stoller (Stony Brook, USA)
Antti Valmari (Tampere, Finnland)

Susanne Graf
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