Lustre tutorial

April 17, 2002

Grenoble, France


The tutorial aims at giving a brief introduction to the Lustre language , developed at Verimag . Lustre is the semantic kernel of the Scade development tool-box for critical control applications comercialized by Esterel Technologies. The tutorial is organized in the context of the European IST project Next-TTA. The lectures will be given by Nicolas Halbwachs and Paul Caspi from Verimag.




There is no fee for attending the tutorial. However, for book-keeping purposes, we request people who are interested in participating to either send an e-mail to or directly contact with subject "Lustre tutorial April 17" and your name and affiliation in the body of the message.


The tutorial is taking place at the Maison Jean Kuntzman, located in the campus of the University Joseph Fourier of Grenoble, France. Traveling directions to Grenoble and info about access to the building can be found at the ETAPS'02 web site.
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