Free Distribution of the Open-Kronos Software

    The CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) lets

    Please insert here  your institution, authorized representative name and address

    hereafter referred to as the Beneficiary, have the free usage of the following software:

    krosim (source files: formula.lex.l, formula.yacc.y, krosim.C)
    SMI bdd library (library files: libcudd-bdd.a, libcudd-smi.a; source files: simulator.h, smidd.h, smimodel.h, cudd.h, cuddInt.h, mnemosyne.h, mtr.h, st.h, util.h)
    profounder (source files: cycle.c, cycle.h, dfs_stack.c, dfs_stack.h, profounder.c, spec_api.c, spec_api.h)
    matrix library (source files: bounds.h, matrix.c, matrix.h, matrix_hash.c, matrix_hash.h)
    examples (Bang-Olufsen protocol, Fischer protocol, Philips protocol)

  1. Maintenance of this software is by no way guaranteed.
  2. The free disposal of this software is intended for internal use for research and teaching purposes exclusively.
    Any commercial use is submitted to a specific agreement from the CNRS.
  3. The Beneficiary promises to forbid by all means both use and copy of this software outside his/her company or institution.
  4. The Beneficiary agrees to acknowledge explicitly the name and origin of the software in any of his/her applications.

       The Beneficiary,                       P/The CNRS, 

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