Joseph Sifakis
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Component-based Construction - BIP
Joseph Sifakis
The aim is to develop the theory, methods and tools for building real-time systems consisting of heterogeneous components. The focus is on the following challenging problems :
  • Develop a framework for the incremental composition of heterogeneous components. Three different sources of heterogeneity are considered related to interaction, execution and abstraction.
  • Develop results ensuring correctness-by-construction for essential system properties such as mutual exclusion, deadlock-freedom and progress in order to minimize a posteriori validation.
  • Provide automated support for component integration and generation of glue code meeting given requirements.
Main results
Theory on modelling real-time systems has been developed over the past five years. It includes results on the expression of urgency, parallel composition, the use of priorities to model scheduling policies, deadlock-freedom by construction. The modelling framework has provided a basis for the design of the IF language and the underlying execution platform.

Recently, applications of these results led to the development of the BIP (Behavior, Interaction, Priority) language and the associated tool chain. The chain allows the generation from a system model in the BIP language, a description (C++ code) executable on a dedicated platform. The BIP platform supports both single-threaded and multi-threaded execution as well as enumerative state space exploration and simulation. The generated state graphs can be analyzed by using IF-platform.


A description is available here.