• The Lustre/Lesar distribution (v4) provides a compiler and a model checker for the Lustre programming language. The manual pages are available here (Post-Script).
  • The Lutin/Lurette distribution provides tools and languages for the automated test of reactive programs.
  • BDDC v2 is a (simple) symbolic calculator based on bdds (binary decision diagrams).
  • Reglo is a compiler which translates regular expressions into either a set of language equations, or into a Lustre program.
  • talk2nxt (t2n) is a command-line tool for communicating (through USB port) with the Lego (Mindstorm) nxt brick (e.g. upload, download, delete programs)
  • yacc2latex  takes a language grammar writen in yacc (or mly), derives an EBNF grammar from it, and generates Latex code.