2015-2016 – MOSIG 2 PDES, EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: Synchronous Approach

  • Note on 2015/2016 organization

The “Embedded Systems” UE (Teaching Unit)  is divided in two independant courses. The general presentation of the UE is available on the ensiwiki.

Courses are held in room H104, on wednesday 2 to 5 PM.

  1. Synchronous Approach
    • This is my part, contact me here Pascal.Raymond@imag.fr
    • Information will be available on this page
    • Dates: 30/09, 21/10, 4/11, 21/11, 9/12, 6/01
  2. Scientific Methodology and Performance Evaluation
    • The course is given by Arnaud Legrand
    • Information are available on this page
    • Dates: 7/10, 14/10, 18/11, 2/12, 16/12, 13/01

Synchronous Approach


We propose a set of exercises for practicing the languages and methods seen during the lectures. This is mainly a homework, however we will have from time to time a review of progress during the courses.

Tools environment:
    • Use the EnsiPc machines (boot on CentOs) available in the pratice rooms at Ensimag (if you have an account). In this case you have to execute the following command (hint: copy this line in the file .bashrc in your homedir):

      source /user/5/raymond/lustre/setenv.sh

    • Install the lustre distribution on your own laptop
      • Download the distribution here
      • The linux distribution is recommanded (more complete)
      • Alternative distribs are available for MacOS and Windows (via Cygwin)
      • However: if you are familiar with virtualization, consider the solution of installing the tools on a virtual Linux machine (see VirtualBox for instance).

Lecture, Sept. 30

Lecture, Oct. 21

Lecture, Nov. 4

Lecture, Dec. 2

Lecture, Dec. 9

Lecture, Jan. 6

Past exams