Talk To NXT (t2n)

(last revision 2016.07.11)

t2n (Talk to Nxt) is a command line tool for communicating with the NXT brick through the USB port. In particular it allows to upload, list, remove nxc files to/from the brick. Pre-compiled versions are provided for Linux (tested on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS). Sources are provided under GPL licence; code may compile on any unix-like, requires libusb and gcc.
t2n version 0.0
usage: t2n [options] | t2n -help
recognized options:
  -b          : check battery level
  -i          : print nxt info
  -ls         : list files
  -put <file.rxe> : upload file
  -get <file.rxe> : download file
  -v          : verbose
  -vv         : more verbose
  -vvv        : even more versbose
  -help       : print help and return
  -version    : print version and return

Download here  sources and Linux executables.

Note that:
        It (probably) compiles and run on older 32 bits systems.


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