LEGO Mindstorms NXT

Pascal Raymond


LEGO's NXT programmable brick is an interresting platform to learn and practice about embedded systems programming.

This page will (hopefuly) contain examples and tools and other stuff that will be made in the Verimag laboratory.


t2n is simple Linux command-line tool for sending commands to nxt through the USB port. Download t2n here .

Lustre for NXT

This section gives some hints on how to use Lustre for programming NXT with the standard Firmware, go there .

Lustre for nxtOSEK

NxtOSEK allows to program the nxt with all the concepts of a state-of-art real-time OS. This Simulink -> Lustre -> OSEK page presents a course based on this idea (unfortunatly in French).

This page explains hoe to upload nxtOSEK binaries on the NXT.


Pascal Raymond 2008-02-11