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Fink and Snow Leopard

To upgrade, follow a four step process. Step 1: edit the file /sw/etc/fink.conf, adding a line to it which reads NoAutoIndex: true (You may need to use sudo to obtain the correct permissions to edit this file.) Step 2: run the command fink reinstall fink in order to tell fink that you are now on 10.6. (If you encounter a message about package database corruption, run fink index -f and try this step again.) Step 3: run the command fink update fink to get the latest fink for 10.6. Step 4: run the command fink install perl588-core to replace the version of perl which Apple changed during the OS X upgrade, in case you have fink packages which depend on it.
After the upgrade, you may wish to run fink configure to do some cleanup.

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