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Florence Maraninchi

Professor, Grenoble INP / ENSIMAG (In charge of the “Embedded Software and Systems” master curriculum)
VERIMAG laboratory
Persyval-Lab (Scientific committee of the “Pervasive Computing Systems” action)
Member of the organization and evaluation committees of the software cluster at Minalogic.

Florence dot Maraninchi at imag dot fr

Florence MaraninchiFlorence Maraninchi Florence Maraninchi http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0783-9178

mail: VERIMAG, Centre Equation, 2 Avenue de Vignate 38610 GIERES, France
tel. (33)
fax (33)

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ACM SIGBED Paul Caspi Memorial Dissertation Award (member of the selection committee)

Recent Programme Committees

EMSOFT’15, LCTES’15, EMSOFT’14, LCTES’14, DATE’14 Track co-chair for TOPIC E2: “Compilers and Software Synthesis for Embedded Systems”, LCTES’13, DATE’13, TRACK E: “Embedded Systems Software”, TOPIC E2: “Compilers and Software Synthesis for Embedded Systems”, DAC’12, Embedded Sofware and Systems Track, DATE’12, TRACK E: “Embedded Systems Software”, TOPIC E2: “Compilers and Software Synthesis for Embedded Systems”, ACM LCTES’2012, ACM LCTES’2011, ACM EMSOFT 2009, ACM LCTES 2009, ACM EMSOFT 2007

Programme committee co-chair: EMSOFT’12 (part of ESWEEK’12)

Short CV

Florence Maraninchi received the Ph.D. in Computer Science and the ``Habilitation a diriger des recherches (HDR)’’ from the University of Grenoble, France, in 1990 and 1997, respectively. In 1990, she joined UJF (Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble) as an assistant professor. In 2000, she joined INPG, where she currently holds a professor position. From september 2005 to august 2007, she was with CNRS.

She teaches at ENSIMAG (the department of Computer Science, Applied Maths and Telecom of Grenoble INP). Her teaching interests include algorithms and programming languages, compiler design, formal verification of critical systems, basic circuit design, object-oriented modeling, formal models for time and parallelism, and embedded system design. With M. Portolan, she is in charge of the Grenoble INP master programme on embedded software and systems. She is the co-author of two teaching books (in French): a book for beginners on algorithms and programming languages; a book for undergraduate students on the basics of circuits, computer organization and low level software.

Her research activities are with the VERIMAG laboratory, where she is the head of the ``synchrone’’ group. Her research interests include synchronous languages for embedded real-time components and systems, correct-by-construction implementation of critical systems, Design-by-Contract for embedded reactive systems, virtual prototyping of hardware-software systems (for functional properties and extra-functional properties like energy consumption), modeling and validation of systems-on-a-chip at the transactional level (in cooperation with STmicroelectronics and DOCEA Power), modeling and analysis of ad-hoc sensor networks (in cooperation with Orange Labs).

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