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Latest update : 18 August 2011.

Latest Publications:

  • Ascertaining Uncertainty for Efficient Exact Cache Analysis. Touzeau, Valentin and Maiza, Claire and Monniaux, David and Reineke, Jan. (in Computer Aided Verification, 2017) PDF
  • An extensible framework for multicore response time analysis. Davis, Robert I. and Altmeyer, Sebastian and Indrusiak, Leandro and Maiza, Claire and Nelis, Vincent and Reineke, Jan (in Real-Time Systems, 2017) PDF
  • Online and offline scheduling with cache-related preemption delays. Phavorin, Guillaume and Richard, Pascal and Goossens, Joel and Maiza, Claire and George, Laurent and Chapeaux, Thomas (in Real-Time Systems, 2017)
  • The W-SEPT Project: Towards Semantic-Aware WCET Estimation. Maiza, Claire and Raymond, Pascal and Parent-Vigouroux, Catherine and Bonenfant, Armelle and Carrier, Fabienne and Cass’e, Hugues and Cuenot, Philippe and Claraz, Denis and Halbwachs, Nicolas and Jahier, Erwan and others, (in OASIcs-OpenAccess Series in Informatics, 2017)

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