The talk will present the main principles and applications of TGV. TGV (Test Generation with Verification technology) is a prototype for the automatic synthesis of conformance test suites from formal specifications. It is based on the formal model of input/output labeled transition systems (IOLTS) and a sound testing theory. TGV algorithms come from verification technology and are very similar to on-the-fly model-checking algorithms. This technique allows to derive test cases from a specification and test purposes without building the complete state graph of the specification. TGV has been developed in collaboration with Vérimag Grenoble and successfully used on industrial size cases studies of different domains. Its algorithms have been now transferred in the commercial tool TestComposer inside the SDL tool set ObjectGEODE (Telelogic/Verilog). A public version of TGV for Lotos is also distributed with the CADP toolbox (Inria Rhône Alpes). Finally TGV is able to tackle UML descriptions by a connection to our UMLAUT tool.

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