ISoLa 2004, STTT 2006

STTT E. Jahier, P. Raymond, P. Baufreton Case Studies with Lurette V2 (pre-print) International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer ,Volume 8, Number 6, November 2006 2006

ISoLa 2004 E. Jahier, P. Raymond, P. Baufreton Case Studies with Lurette V2 First International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Method 30th October - 2st November 2004, Paphos, Cyprus

Abstract: Lurette is an automated testing tool dedicated to reactive programs. The test process is automated at two levels: given a formal description of the System Under Test (SUT) environment, Lurette generates realistic input sequences; and, given a formal description of expected properties, Lurette performs the test results analysis.

Lurette has been reimplemented from scratch. In this new version, the main novelty lies in the way the SUT environment is described. This is done by means of a new dedicated language called Lucky, a language for programming non-deterministic reactive machines.

This article recalls the principles of Lurette, briefly presents the Lucky language, and describes some cases studies from the IST project Safeair II. The objective is to illustrate the usefulness of Lurette on real case studies, and the expressiveness of Lucky in accurately describing the SUT environment.

Keywords: Automated testing, tool environment, real-time embedded systems, reactive programs, synchronous languages, stochastic machines.
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