Crisys (1997-2001) is an Esprit project which aimed at describing and formalising the industrial practices in the field of critical distributed control systems, in order to strengthen their formal bases and to provide tools for aiding their application.

The official web page of the project

In the course of the project, we discovered that these practices were largely ignored from the academic litterature at least in the Computer Science field. One of the main outcomes of the project is therefore the so-called "Cooking Book", which, hopefully, can be seen as a future text book on a robust design methodology for such systems.

The "Cooking Book"

Slides presenting this cooking book have been presented as an invited talk in DCCS2000, (Sydney, December 2000) and should also be presented in Femsys2001 (Munchen, March 2001).

"Cooking Book" slides

Slides presenting this at IFIP WG2.2 (Rennes, May 2001):

 IFIP WG 2.2 presentation

and the corresponding paper, presented at EMSOFT2001 (Lake Tahoe, October 2001):

 EMSOFT2001 paper