Sep 302004



  • Tayeb Bouhadiba, PhD 2006-2010
  • Giovanni Funchal, PhD 2007-2011
  • Yuliia Romenska

Current work:

In the context of the OpenES project, we design a very general and high-level notion of a component for hardware/software systems, for which functional and extra-functional properties can be specified in a contract-like formalism. Contrary to a lot of component models at this level of abstraction, our framework is executable. A non-deterministic component can be “executed” if, given inputs, we are able to generate random outputs such that the non-deterministic contract that links inputs and outputs is satisfied. This method relies on constraint solvers. We aim at defining a formalism and execution engine compatible with existing SystemC/TLM components.

Previous work:

The work on components is inspired by the various notions of components we’ve worked with in the following domains:

  • Embedded control, especially with synchronous languages; case-studies in SCADE (the commercial programming environment based on Lustre); previous work on contracts for reactive systems (see Lionel Morel, PhD 2001-2005).
  • Transaction-Level Modeling (TLM) of systems-on-a-chip
  • Virtual Prototyping of various embedded and communicating systems (e.g., sensor networks)

Main Publications:


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